Commands are:

?                          - Print the list of available commands

CPperfmon            - Performance monitoring utility

copy_logfiles         - Copy log files to your output directory

cpca_dbutil           - Database files utility

cpd_admin            - The cpd administration client

cpinfo                   - Check Point data collector

cplic                     - Add/Remove Check Point licenses

cppkg                   - This command is used to manage the Package Repository

cpprod_util            - Utility for displaying information about the installed Check Point products

cprinstall               - Perform remote installation of packages, and associated operations

cprlic                    - Add/Remove Check Point licenses

cpstat                   - Displays the status of Check Point applications

cpstat_monitor       - The Check Point Management Station

cpvinfo                  - Displays version information of a given Check Point library/binary

cpwd_admin          - List the processes which are managed by the CP WatchDog (used with argument 'list')

dbedit                   - Database editor client

dbver                    - The dbver utility is used to export and import different revisions of the database

disable_env_var              - Disables an environment variable

display_env_var              - Displays the value of an environment variable

display_io_dirs               - Display the current input and output directories

enable_env_var               - Enables an environment variable

enable_mds_deletion      - Enables deletion of primary MDSs

exit                  - Exit from P1shell

fw                    - VPN-1/FireWall-1 commands

fwm                 - FW-1/VPN-1 management utility

help                 - Print the list of available commands

idle                  - Set or show the auto-logout timeout (in minutes)

mds_backup              - This utility stores binaries and data from your MDS installation

mds_user_expdate     - Modify the expiration date of CMA administrators

mdscmd               - This command is used to execute different commands on the MDS system

mdsconfig             - Utility for configuring some MDS settings

mdsenv                 - Sets the shell environment variables for running MDS level command lines or specific CMA command lines

mdsquerydb                - Database Query Tool

mdsstart                     - Starts the MDS

mdsstart_customer      - Starts a specific CMA

mdsstat                      - Displays the status of MDS and CMAs processes

mdsstop                     - Stops the MDS

mdsstop_customer      - Stops a specific CMA

promote_util         - Promote a secondary CMA to become a primary CMA

run                      - Execute a batch file of commands

sam_alert             - This tool executes FW-1 SAM actions according to information received through Standard input

scroll                   - Enable/disable output scrolling

set_inputdir          - Change the input directory (relative to the user's home directory)

set_outputdir        - Change the output directory (relative to the user's home directory)