Commands are:

?                        - Print list of available commands

about                  - Print about info

addarp                - Add permanent ARP table entries

adduser              - Add new user

arp                     - Display/manipulate the arp table

audit                   - Display/edit commands entered in shell

backup               - Backup configuration

checkuserlock     - Check if user is locked

cplic                   - Add/Remove Check Point licenses

cpshared_ver       - Show SVN Foundation version

date                    - Set/show date

delarp                  - Remove permanent ARP table entries

deluser                 - Remove existing user

diag                     - Send system diagnostics information

dns                      - Add/remove/show domain name resolving servers

domainname         - Set/show domain name

eth_set                 - Control ethernet interface speed/duplex settings

exit                      - Switch to standard mode/Logout

expert                  - Switch to expert mode

help                     - Print list of available commands

hostname             - Set/show host name

hosts                   - Add/remove/show local hosts/IP mappings

idle                      - Set/show auto logout time in minutes

ifconfig                 - Configure/store network interfaces

lockout                - Configure lockout parameters

log                      - Log rotation control

mdsconfig            - Configure MDS

mdsstart             - Start Provider-1 processes

mdsstart_customer    - Start processes for a single CMA

mdsstat              - Display status of MDS and CMAs processes

mdsstop              - Stop Provider-1 processes

mdsstop_customer     - Stop processes for a single CMA

netstat                 - Show network statistics

ntp                      - Configure ntp and start synchronization client

ntpstart               - Start NTP clock synchronization client

ntpstat                - Show NTP clock synchronization client state

ntpstop               - Stop NTP clock synchronization client

passwd               - Change password

patch                  - Install/Upgrade utility

ping                    - Ping a host

pro                     - Enable/Disable SecurePlatform Pro

reboot                - Reboot gateway

restore               - Restore configuration

revert                 - Revert to saved Snapshot Image

rmdstart             - Start SmartView Reporter

rmdstop             - Stop SmartView Reporter

route                 - Configure/store routing tables

scroll                - Allow scrolling the output of various commands

showusers         - List SecurePlatform administrators

shutdown           - Shut down gateway

snapshot            - Create Snapshot Image

snmp                 - Configure SNMP daemon

sysconfig           - Configure your SecurePlatform Gateway

syslog_servers       - Add/remove/show external syslog servers

time                   - Set/show time

timezone             - Set/show the time zone

top                     - Show the most active system processes

traceroute           - Trace the route to a host

unlockuser          - Unlock user

ups                    - Configure Smart UPS monitoring

vconfig                - Configure Virtual LANs

ver                     - Print SecurePlatform version